An Oak Creek home is not the least expensive manufactured or modular home on the market if price is the only factor considered. However, when you take into account all of the costs of home ownership, utility costs, maintenance expenses, and resale value, Oak Creek is clearly the affordability leader.

Energy Efficient

Superior materials and construction techniques leads to a home that is far more energy efficient than most, resulting in lower utility bills and a quieter living experience. But don’t take our word for it…take a look at the proof.


Resale Value

The average manufactured home owner only lives in their home for 7 years before reselling it. The amount of your initial investment that is recovered upon sale is a major component of the overall cost of home ownership. Oak Creek takes pride in having one of the highest resale values in the industry. But don’t take our word for it…let us show you proof.


Lower Maintenance Costs

With an Oak Creek Home, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your HomeGuard protection plan will prevent most unexpected repair bills from being more than a minor dent in your budget.